"I FEEL GREAT - this is huge, for the most part, my blood sugars have been stable, which is a HUGE victory! The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Jen is the way I shop and fuel my body. Also, the way I motivate myself. :) She is knowledgeable, honest, willing to learn, and a leader."

                                                                          ~ Emma

"Working On Wellness"

Synergy Within Wellness

"Jen has helped me not eat as much unhealthy food and I am motivated to exercise. My most significant overall change I noticed was my weight loss. She provided me different ways to make changes and held me accountable. She is positive and encouraging."

                                            ~ Sarah

214 NW First Ave. #A

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

(218) 290-5508          


"Jen taught me how to fit time in to work out and how to look at exercising as a stress relief not a chore. I have been able to slowly loss the weight and keep it off! Jen is an awesome coach that is ready to help me whenever I need and if there is something she is unsure of she figures it out and gets back to me asap!"

                                                                              ~ Sabrina 

"Jen helped me break down my bigger goals in to smaller goals and gave me an idea on how to make it part of my routine.  She helped me become more aware of how the things I eat impact me physically and mentally. She really helped me in my ability to get back on track. In the past I would derail and binge for days, now I can have a dessert or pizza one day and get back on track the next."

                                                       ~ Jodi